Our appraisal services include:


Asset Protection/Insurance
Estate Tax

Estate Division

Charitable Contribution


Asset Protection/Insurance


Home & Business Inventory.
Insurance companies usually settle claims for less than 50% of the value of possessions lost without an inventory and proof of possession.


Obtain Insurance. Avoid being over or under insured.


Damage & Loss Claims. Total loss or diminution of value.


Continuity. For clients who own more than one property, we can provide one concise report using the same methodology, assuring clients that all of the necessary items are included in the report. This is helpful when items may be moved from one location to another.




Estate Planning

Inventory. Protect your own assets or those of family members when you’re not present.

Estate Tax and Probate. We meet IRS and state requirements.


Equitable Division. Our objective appraisals assure a fair distribution of assets.




Equitable Distrbution. Our discreet approach & professional objectivity are appreciated in difficult situations.

Fair Settlement. How do you know what is fair without a neutral and objective opinion of value?

Charitable Contribution

When you are planning your permanent legacy, we can provide donation appraisals written according to IRS standards.




Walk-Through’s. We can quickly identify valuable items so they are not accidentally thrown away or end up in a garage sale.

Acquisition/Disposition of Items or Collections





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